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Below you'll find our size chart for all headbands with elastic bands. We know that ages don't always fall in line with a specific size and that each child is different, therefore we've adapted an XXS-XL sizing system. Please refer to the chart when ordering your headbands; suggested ages are listed as a guide. If you want/need to measure your child's head to determine the correct size, just deduct 1.5-2 inches from their head circumference to account for the stretch/elasticity of the bands and to ensure a great fit!

Our fabric/knotted headbands come in size Baby, Toddler/Small Child and Adult. Sizing is very forgiving with these styles due to the stretchy nature of the fabrics used and the fact that they can be untied & retied to get the perfect fit. Below are some guidelines to help you choose the correct size:

Baby: good for babes 12 months and younger

Toddler/ Small Child: recommended for over 12 months 

Adult: perfect for teens & adults

Remember, you can always tuck the "tails" under the band for another cute option/look, or if they hang down too much for your liking! Check out our FAQ section if you have questions about washing your knotted headbands. 

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